Traditional MBA


Reinventing the practices of Traditional MBA with Modern Management PGDM programmes

India has been a hub for imparting education since time immemorial, offering university courses in form of Nalanda, Odantpura, Vikramshila and others. While the traditional infrastructure has been upgraded time and again, and has been replaced with modern amenities, the practices of traditional MBA have not changed so much.  While we sit in classrooms equipped with AC’s and projectors we are still far away from the real scenario of the modern managerial practices that call for attention in the changing times.

Studying concepts of quality control, Inventory Management and Just in Time theory among the others remain a myth when applied to the real context, this gap between the traditional MBA, where knowledge flows in just one direction does not fit appropriately in the current dynamics anymore. To change the trend Lloyd Business School (Top PGDM Colleges in India) offers integration of modern managerial practices that help businesses maximize production by using human resources to their full potential, Increase staff participation, think objectively by use of scientific processes and simplifying decision making etc. To ensure these, Lloyd Business School provides opportunities to its students for winter and summer internships in the first year of their curriculum so that they can invest the latter half of their management program to revisit the texts and fill in the gaps by their experience and learning.