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Win – Win approach of Academia Industry Fraternization

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10,September 2019

The relationship between academia and industry is mutually inclusive and beneficial. The academia produces graduates who are absorbed by the industry. These graduates are then put through a number of training programs and the industry invests a number of training hours and resources in making them ready to deal with the challenges of the corporate world. The academic institutions undertake a lot of research in collaboration with the industries and identify suitable products and services best fit for different kinds of market segments, at the same time the industry looks up to academia for creative solutions to real time crisis.

Industries prefer universities and institutions to align their course offerings to provide customised solutions to their requirements thereby bridging the Gap in the skill set of the graduate.

In fitment to the tailoring requirements of the corporates, institutions have started offering Industry integration. Lloyd Business School is one such institution, to have a symbiotic relationship with the companies, Lloyd Business School introduced it's flagship PGDM courses in Business Analytics, Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Management in collaboration with IBM, Manpower and Safeducate respectively and has since it's inception been placing it's graduates among the leading market players like Flipkart, DTDC, Patanjali, Swiggy, and others of the like.