From the Desk of Research Head

Lloyd Business School (LBS) is the futuristic institution with a vision to become a centre of excellence in all fields of management education. The foreseeability of the institution reflects in the design of management programs that are running within the institution. The management programs at Lloyd Business School are in collaboration with industry for perfect synthetization of theory and practice. The rigorous participation of industry partners during academic delivery has ensured that the management programs at LBS become one of its kinds. The unique practices LBS follows in disseminating management knowledge and education; is developing innovators who can add immense value to industry and mankind. Management education at LBS is aimed to empower all the stakeholders. The intellectual capital of LBS has an intense association with industry and society. The continuous involvement of intellectual capital in research and development has developed a vibrant & cohesive contemporary teaching and learning ecosystem that is supported by excellently designed infrastructure. The infrastructure at LBS meets the cutting age demand of the contemporary learning environment. We at LBS develop responsible citizens of the world and leaders for the future.

Dr. Shivani Kapoor

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