Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology 1.0 (May 17th - 20th 2021)

A four days Faculty Development Program on Research Methodology 1.0 was successfully conducted on the Zoom platform by Lloyd Business School. The Faculty development program received participation from various academic institutions like Gautam Budha University, IMS Ghaziabad, Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, JIMS, etc. The FDP was delivered by Dr. Bhupender Kumar Som, Director, Lloyd Business School. He emphasised upon the increasing need of research in all the functional areas and expressed that research is an indispensable part of industry nowadays.

The four day program started with an introduction about research, research methodology, research questions and hypothesis formulation. Day one concluded with a small quiz and a small exercise where participants were expected to frame a research problem and formulate a hypothesis. Day two discussion was around methods of data collection, qualitative research, sample size, sample design, scale design and do’s & don'ts while preparing questionnaire etc.

The day concluded with a small quiz and a small activity related to questionnaire preparation. Day three discussions revolved around research designing. An extensive discussion on exploratory, descriptive and experimental methods of research design was held. Last day discussions were about data cleaning, coding and understanding the nature of data along with basic tabulation, cross tabulation and preparation of graphs.

The session received overwhelming feedback from the participants. Participants shared that they got an in-depth understanding about research concepts in simple and clear language with examples. They also opined that it enhanced their knowledge and was motivating enough to pursue research. Here is the feedback received from the participants where most of them feel that session was informative, structured, relevant and content clarity was there.


The session concluded with a valedictory session where Dr. Som apprised participants that the FDP1.0 is a part of a series of FDP on Research Methodology. FDP 2.0 will cover data analysis, reliability, validity, hypothesis building and testing i.e. parametric tests like T test, Chi-Square, ANOVA. ANCOVA, Correlation , Regression etc.and Non Parametric Test. FDP 3.0 will be about advanced analysis like SEM, Model Building etc. He further extended his gratitude to all the participants for joining and patient learning along with the research committee members of Lloyd Business School for organising this FDP 1.0.

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FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (30th March 2021 – 2nd April 2021)

A FDP was conducted for Faculty members at Lloyd Business School on Design Thinking which was conducted by IBM trainer Ms Diksha Pandit ( Master Certified Design Thinking from IBM).

The session was designed for the following interventions:

  • ● How to carry out ideation sessions, from first idea to developed concept by using hands-on ideation methods, techniques and tools
  • ● How to plan and time-manage creative projects to guarantee successful outcomes
  • ● How to use divergent ideation methods to break out of habitual thinking and generate innovative and useful ideas
  • ● How to use convergent ideation methods to develop your ideas further and solve creative problems through analytical thinking
  • ● How to make space for creativity so the ideas come when you need them
  • ● How to build a creative team environment

After a Three Day workshop of fun, frolic, learning and exercises, the outcome of the problem and ideation created by Faculty Members as a deliverable outcome of the learning. The three days used the sequential process of design thinking persona mapping , as is scenarios, brainstorming ,Clustering , story boards, Voting , Grid review .

The session was inaugurated by the Director, Management, Dr Bhupender Kumar Som who started the FDP with enthusiasm and opportunity for the Faculty to develop an attitude to learning especially in the “new normal” , Covid crisis of online learning .

12 Faculties earned Practitioner Badges at the conclusion of the session after completing the four day exercises and a examination at the end of the FDP from IBM.

The problem statement analysed for the DT was kept keeping in mind the challenges and opportunities of online learning which were as follows:

Problem Statement ( HMW) :

How might we create an optimal learning environment during pandemic while keeping Students Safe. Two personas were developed which were Faculty and Students from whose perspectives the problem was analysed.

The outcome of the Problem Statement :

Hill Statement ( Student)

  • The student learning curve was enhanced due to more engagement , content delivery and reporting practices to the students during the online mode of classes which led to exponential learning in comparison to offline mode.

Hill Statement ( Faculty)

  • The faculty awareness regarding online platforms was increased and resistance to new learning approaches enhanced leading to better adaptation through flexible approach.

Thus the ONLINE teaching during pandemic has created :

  • - A new way / approach of or "ATTITUDE" to learning both for faculty and students
  • - Students learning through online is enhanced, hence faculty should try to involve blended learning for theoretical aspects
  • - Content sharing to course subjects was very good during online classes so pls continue.
  • - Faculty have become more flexible in learning and teaching delivery (kindly continue to use cases, videos, online courses and Ted Talks) highly cherished by students.
  • - Resistance to technology has eradicated please continue.

Thereafter the faculty concluded with earning digital badges. The session looks forward to implementing design thinking in Faculty learning, teaching and conducting classes for Management students.


Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner

Issuer: IBM

Over all, it was a great session and all the Faculties learnt from innovation design thinking applications.

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