As an Integral Part of the curriculum at Lloyd Business School, Summer Internships allow students to link theoretical knowledge that they gain through classroom teaching to practical processes utilized by various Industries and Sectors. During the Internships, students are placed in organizations for a period of about 6-8 weeks, after the third trimester/ Second Semester, on a specific assignment linked to their preferred areas of specialization. Students are placed for Summer Internship at various Industrial sectors comprising of different companies ranging from FMCG, Automobile, Retailing, Finance to top corporates.

Under the guidance of Project Guides from the Industry and with help from Faculty, students are expected to submit a report on the given assignment detailing their learning and its linkages with management education.

This report is evaluated as part of the Program requirements and allows students to add a practical dimension to their academic perspective that helps them get an idea about possible future careers paths.

Satyam shukla - MBA (2018-20 BATCH)
Vipul Pandey - MBA (2018-20 BATCH)
Md Shahid iqubal - MBA (2018-20 BATCH)
Dharani Bhattarai - MBA (2018-20 BATCH)


Abhilipsa Nayak - PGDM-HRM (2018-20 BATCH)
Senti Yanger Ho - PGDM-HRM (2018-20 BATCH)
Charu Gupta - PGDM-HRM (2018-20 BATCH)
Navan Sodhi - PGDM-HRM (2018-20 BATCH)


Dhritiman Marial - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Naveen Awana - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Prince Kumar - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
HarshRaj Jaiswal - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)


Longhua Wangpan - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Afreen Nisha - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Anup - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Pratik Nath - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)


Ankit Tiwari - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Manish Kumar - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Shruti Dubey - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)
Shubham Soni - PGDM-SCM (2018-20 BATCH)


Lloyd offers a unique Work, Learn, Earn platform. Our Placement Mantra Programme, which provides On-Job-Training to students about skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to succeed within a corporate set-up.

During the Extensive Training Programme, students get 'hands-on' learning in a professional environment.

Students learn to successfully apply acquired knowledge and skills in various organizations. Through our Industry partners, we have successfully provided OJTs to students of previous batches.

Internship - Summer Internship
Internship - Summer Internship
Internship - Summer Internship
Internship - Summer Internship


Once an organization shows interest in recruitment from the Institute, the students are asked to register their interest for the job.

An email informing about the job opening and its details will be shared with the students. Placement cell will try to get as much details as possible about the job profile.

The registration of interest is to be done by students by filling the Google form provided by the cell, after going through the job profile.

Only students who register for that particular job profile will be considered for the job opening and their names and CVs will be shared with the company.

It will be responsibility of a student to keep his/her resumes updated with placement cell. Once the names of students are submitted, student is not allowed to withdraw from the selection process.

Internship - final placement of Rahul Tiwari
Internship - final placement of Rahul Tiwari
Internship - final placement of Rahul Tiwari
Internship - final placement of Dhritiman Marial
Internship - final placement of Tushar Chopra
Internship - final placement of Ankit Tiwari
Internship - final placement of Abhilipsa Nayak
Internship - final placement of Charu Gupta
Internship - final placement of Navan Sodhi
Internship - final placement of Smriti Srivastava
Internship - final placement of Poonam Gound