PGDM - Business Analytics


The Bountiful Benefits of Pursuing Business Analytics as your Major:

In the growing realm of Business Analytics, upskilling is what takes you far in the field. Collaborated learning platforms offer a structured framework with international roots. Students can leverage their association with leading multinational giants like IBM and AWS, to further complement their knowledge, fine-tune their skills and optimize their spectrum of work. These certification courses place the students in the forefront resulting in more sightings by the recruiters and job sites.

A few of the highlights of perusal of these courses by students are:

Affiliation to some of the most preeminent multinational corporations.

Enhanced learning curve unfurling the latest computing tools and techniques used in the industry.

Cognitive intelligence test to understand a student's proposition on tools learnt.

Global recognition and exposure to increase penetration into the job market.

IBM Developer Skills Network Private Instance

The collaboration of Lloyd Business School with IBM in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence takes on to the next league of collaborative and explorative study through the deployment of a private instance of IBM Developer Skills Network with Lloyd Business School providing the Institute diversity in course offerings through certificate programs and value-added courses. Through this perspective initiative, the Management at Lloyd intends to drive Analytics into all specializations in Management at Lloyd.

The program delivery for these courses is intended through two modes:

1) Self-Study through the Private Instance by IBM

2) Guided Study with course content from IBM and Faculty from the Lloyd.

The course offerings related to data technologies and other business skill acumen in business intelligence are being provided through an IBM – Lloyd e-platform called the IBM Developer Skills Network. The courses have been segmented into Level 1(fundamental), Level 2(Intermediate), and Level 3 (expert) courses. The students can choose from a plethora of 120+ courses in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence provided by IBM. This platform is enabled with the Projects Lab and various IBM software available through Cloud on this platform.

Learning paths have been designed by IBM experts together with domain & faculty experts in respective fields at Lloyd like Analytics, Finance, and Human resources & Marketing.

The courses have been divided across two years of the PGDM program through Five Learning Paths which are:

1. PGDM with specialization in Business Analytics

2. PGDM with specialization in SQL, Python, Cognos, and Spark

3. PGDM with specialization in Predictive Analytics

4. PGDM with specialization in Artificial Intelligence

5. PGDM with specialization in IoT & Blockchain

The certification courses will be spread over two years of the PGDM Business Analytics program through the below mentioned Learning Paths(Certification Courses)

1. PGDM Certification for Foundation in Business Analytics

2. PGDM Certification in Structured Query Language, Python, Cognos, and Spark

3. PGDM Certification in Predictive Analytics

4. PGDM Certification in Artificial Intelligence

5. PGDM Certification in IoT & Blockchain

Some of the key Courses inclusive of the above learning paths are Sectoral analytics in HR/Finance/Marketing/Finance, Text Analytics, Database Foundations, Planning Analytics, Python, Predictive Analytics Modeler, Could Foundations, Fundamentals in IoT, Big Data Architecture, Machine Learning Services with Watson Studio, Cognitive Computing using Watson Studio, Cognos Analytics: Dashboard and stories.

The students will be given access to the certification courses available under the IBM Developer Skills Network Private Instance which they can access, learn, and certify themselves all through a single IBM Developer skills platform. The students would receive the much-acclaimed course completion certificates and global badges after the completion of these courses co-powered by IBM and Lloyd. Please find some screenshots of the same attached.

(AWS) Academy

Lloyd Group of Institutions has entered into an MOU with the AWS (Amazon) Academy which is a global program that provides educational institutions with access to an AWS-developed and authorized curriculum so that students can develop expertise in order to develop expertise in analytics courses. By participating in AWS Academy, Lloyd would encourage students to become proficient and certified on the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology.

AWS Academy courses are delivered to the students through hybrid mode (synchronous or asynchronous) learning in either an educator-led or virtual classroom environment. The curriculum is aligned to prepare students for AWS Certification which is in great demand in the Industry.

AWS Academy students have an edge when it comes to employment readiness due to the availability of a variety of skilled jobs for AWS certification. At Lloyd, the much-acclaimed Cloud Foundation course has been implemented for the PGDM Business Analytics PGDM-2020 Batch as a part of their curriculum.
AWS Academy currently offers 5 courses. The prime courses are Big Data, Networking, Machine Learning, IoT.

With exposure to AWS Academy, Lloyd is committed to staying at the forefront of cloud development and continuing to bring cutting-edge courses to our students. This process would help to maximize the earning potential and take advantage of benefits to show off your achievements and keep learning

The AWS certifications are available in three levels Professional, Associate, and Foundational so as to develop expertise in a particular learning path.