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26,July 2019

The Youth of Today, the Leaders of Tomorrow

At Lloyd business school (top b schools in india), students are honed to imbibe skills that will enhance their leadership potential and to embrace their personality through personality development programs . We work on these young minds , helping them understand and appreciate how decisions impact business outcomes. Through projects, in house assignment, internship placements , the students at LBS given ample situations to practice the following leadership skills

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A manager should be able to take instant decisions, while ensuring that they are in favor of the organization's interests.Decisiveness is seen as a valuable leadership skill because it can help move projects along faster and improve efficiency.

Business Ethics

A good work ethic means having and standing by a set of values. Employees with good business ethics help the organization maintain a positive image.

Setting Goals

for the team and ensuring that the team is aligned to the vision is a skill that effective leaders must practice.one of the effective leadership skills for a manager working at top-level positions.

People Management Skills

Nurturing a good talent pool, developing a team that  coordinates effectively is a leader’s prime responsibility. This includes resolving conflicts within internal te external teams alike. A good leader should be able to  mentor his team as well.

Project Execution

is a vital leadership skills for any manager.Optimum use of available resources while running projects in a timely fashion is an important skill that a leader should imbibe

At Lloyd are students are coached effectively on these parameters in order from them to emerge as an able leaders of tomorrow.