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Growth & Scope of Digital Marketing industry in India

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12,October 2019

India, having more than 600 million Internet users (and growing) has digital transactions of worth 90 million happening currently and is expected to reach One Trillion by 2025. According to International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation, 2013 to 2018 have been the golden era of digital marketing in India. The country is ready than ever for the digital change and as a matter of fact, the backing is already massive. About $1.5 billion investments were made in the tenure of 2013 to 2015 in Indian organizations. The statistics is an indicative of an ever-increasing scope of Digital Marketing in India. What further enhance the support to the scope of this type of Marketing are the Government initiatives like Digital India, Startup India and many others. It has led to creation of plethora of opportunities for the young minds and budding managers. The budding managers must be sensitized at academic level through various programmes and initiatives that underline the scope of Digital Marketing for them in future. The institutes in India especially Delhi NCR like Lloyd Business School and many others through providing certifications in Digital Marketing for their students are increasingly expanding the scope of the budding managers for better career opportunities. Additionally, the platform of Digital Marketing increases the avenues for Entrepreneurship, therefore, expands the horizons of management students.