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Significance of Digital Marketing in PGDM Programmes

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10,July 20169

The pace at which organizations are operating nowadays is phenomenal. The advancement in technology and the creative freedom has led to a paradigm shift. Such transformations have resulted to an increased demand of marketing professionals who are well equipped with the techniques & strategies of catering to multiple consumer bases. It is a no-brainer that India, as a fast developing country, also has more than 50% of its population below 25 years of age. This people of such demographics normally opt for online & digitally enhanced mediums for various purchases and other activities. Adding, rest also turn to social media and other online platforms for making their buying decisions. Hence, the B-Schools must ensure that the curriculum is broad enough to incorporate Digital Marketing that shall result in early training of the students who shall be entering corporate world soon after their PGDM. Interestingly, PGDM programmes by nature are more driven by practical exposure rather than just theoretical understanding. Therefore, the institutes that provide PGDM as their flagship programme like Lloyd Business School and many others have included Digital Marketing as specialized course in Marketing. To re-enforce the concepts, Lloyd Business School also provides certifications for Digital Marketing that focus on practical application of various digital marketing tools and techniques laying an emphasis of how they benefit the organizations by targeting the right kind of consumers. Hence, it is on Institutes like Lloyd Business School to keep the curriculum dynamic enough to incorporate modern concepts of Digital Marketing that can tremendously increase the chances of their students standing out and their employability.