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27,September 2019

Dr. Shruti Traymabk Associate Professor

In the era of digitalization world learning Business Analytics and Data Science plays an important role in shaping career for a long term. Business Analytics is one of the popular and effective technique for advanced analytics. It is used by organizations committed to data-driven decision making. Business analytic includes - Descriptive analytics, which determines the present state of business, Predictive analytics which analyzes trend data to predict the future and Prescriptive analytics which uses the past data to generate suggestions about how to tackle similar situation in the future. IBM certified Business Analytics course IBM certified data science programme

On the other hand, Data Science refers to the extraction of relevant insights from data. It uses the different kinds of techniques from many disciplines like mathematics, machine learning, computer learning etc. It is to be noted that a data science does not necessarily include big data, but the scaling up makes big data an important aspect of data science. Data Science industry is expected to grow in future.

There are many colleges which are offering Business Analytics and Data Science courses with the collaboration of IBM. For example, one of the premium institute Lloyd Business School, Greater Noida offers two-years full time Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in BusinessAnalytics, co-certified by IBM, provides an unmatched global opportunity for individuals to begin or shift their career in the exhilarating field of Business Analytics. This course, co-designed with IBM aims to provide in-depth knowledge of Business Analytics techniques and their applications in improving business processes and decision-making. Apart from this, Lloyd Business School also provides short-term executive courses in Business Analytics and Data Science for working professionals.