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1,August 2019

Practice makes Perfect and at Lloyd Business school this is a standard in our quest to excel. Like all talents, leadership is inherent , but to hone it as skill needs time and ample practice .

Even as a student one can practice good leadership skills. Something as simple as being on time to timely submission of assignments  shows dependability. Offering support and helping peers is  also an example of leadership. As part of their Corporate Readiness” , the management students  are coached on identifying  their leadership style and then putting it in practice.

 The first step is to Identify one’s leadership style. Identifying one’s leadership style can help  refine specific skills that will be effective in handling teams or projects.

  Our students  are given ample opportunities to research and introspect on how they could develop leadership skills. Apart from this there are prescribed books that are suggested to students during training such as,the 1937 Dale Carnegie book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, which has been a favorite among many business leaders for decades. Additionally , many relevant videos are available on this topic on Youtube.

At Lloyd our students are exposed to trainings and workshops that help them further their leadership skills. Through Group Discussions, role plays and team building activities, students come to realize how to use their leadership in real time situations.

 Here at Lloyd Business School, we have developed The Mentorship Program where students nominate their own mentor – faculty. This program is in place to help students with issues that maybe  beyond the purview of the classroom. Interacting with their role models, observing first hand their leadership skills go a long way helping students imbibe and enhance their own leadership skills.