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9,August 2021

There are two major stages in the life of a student when he finds himself at cross roads of choosing a career option, one is right after intermediate and second right after graduation. Choosing a career option at these two stages decides professional life path of an individual. The biggest question is, what to keep in mind while choosing a discipline for career? The selection of discipline decides the number of opportunities available in future. A student shall be analytical in terms of identifying the scope of a particular discipline he/she is choosing to pursue.

In later stages of career, the knowledge gained from a high scope discipline ensures exponential growth. There are a lot of professionals who despite of choosing science, commerce, arts or any other discipline as their career option end up felling a need for Management programme. As an individual progresses in career and moves up the leader in the organization he/she comes across the managerial role despite of type of industry one is working in. At this stage of career, the individual feels lack of technical education of management. Apart from the professionals feel a need of becoming an entrepreneur or to start a new venture in their field of study, at this point also the need of management knowledge becomes utmost important. Hence, management as a choice of discipline for career building has the widest scope. The management education either taken as a professional student or a part-timer serves a high degree of scope in career progression. The scope of management has grown tall in the recent times, it has outgrown its wings from business management to disaster management, health-care management, defense management, environment management and other fields of human life. This shows that the management education is not only having the largest scope but also growing at a faster pace. the beauty of the management education is that, the students can opt management as a discipline right after their 12th or after their graduation. In both the cases the skill-set needed for the industry are inculcated effectively. A student can have variety of niche category of specialization to choose from such as Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Operations and else.

Hence, a student looking for a flexible career discipline with a wider and futuristic scope shall always choose management as a discipline either immediately after 12th or after the graduation.

Dr. Bhupender Kumar SomDirector, Lloyd Business School