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Time to consider the HR Trends and Transformation

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1,August 2019

In today’s dynamic environment where the product, process & services needs to be changed constantly to meet the changing need of customers & for responding to the competition in the market. In such scenario, it is the Human Resource of an organisation that enables them to gain & sustain competitive advantage. To bridge the gap in terms of talent (Knowledge, Skills & abilities) between  supply of academia & the demand of the current industry, LLOYD Business School provides PGDM in Human Resources in collaboration with Manpower, who constantly guide them to train the right talent &provides opportunity for industrial exposure.

HR Conclave an annual event of LLOYD Business School is a platform where industry, academia & professionals discuss the latest trends in HR & the need to transform. Some of the Major HR trends highlighted this year are:

Shift from employee engagement to employee experience

The way businesses view their employees has changed. From mere workers and resources, employers started adopting the mindset that they should give their employees benefits and values, instead of just extracting value from them. The concept of employee engagement applies to this. But considering that employee engagement focuses on short term, there is a shift in HR happening with the term Employee Experience gaining steam.

So, what exactly is employee experience?
Employee experience is “just a way of considering what it’s actually like for someone to work at your company”. It is a holistic model. It includes what the employee experiences in the workplace and within teams;bringing;together;all the workplace, HR, and management practices that impact people on the job.

Impact of HR Analytics on Strategic Business Decisions.

In the human resources field, decision-making is changing. Once guided by instinct and intuition, modern human resources utilizes data and algorithms to drive business solutions. 

In today’s data-driven world, HR analytics are helping to guide talent, management, and hiring decisions for organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Many organizations use metrics in HR to influence how they recruit, retain, and compensate employees. Thisallows companies to capture and analyse data;that can “both increase revenues by better understanding and more accurately targeting customers and cut costs through improved business processes.