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Using HR and IT Integration to improve Talent Management

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HR being a soft skill domain & IT – a technology processed sector, a few years ago, no one could have thought any link between HR & IT. But with increasing competition & constantly changing environment, companies can no longer rely on hit & trial method for making crucial decisions & cannot even invest time in repetitive administrative work. Thus integrating technology (IT) with HR is the need of the hour to ensure the success & sustainability in the market. Today, Already, 33 percent of HR teams are using some form of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and 41 percent are building mobile apps to deliver HR solutions. One of the important & crucial functions of HR is Recruitment, since recruiting an individual is not only risky but also costly. A heavy amount is incurred in the recruitment drives & then in training the employees on board. Plus the reputation of an organisation is at stake, as behaviour of such employees will represent the values of your organisation. Keeping this in mind, the risk of hiring an individual can be reduced using data analysis. Since, its never about the best candidate but its always about the best fit – an analysis of your past recruitment can aid in your decision of hiring the best fit.

Using technology, not just recruitment but decisions related to training, performance management, employee relations can also be improved. Analysing the performance of an employee, it will be easier & efficient to identify the training need and give right feedback & thus appraisals to the employees. Since, performance appraisal is a critical process, & the results can lead to employee dissatisfaction & thus attrition. Using data to support the ratings given to the employees can justify the results and thus ensure employee’s satisfaction.

Understanding this need of analytics in HR, LLOYD Business school not only provides their flagship 2 year full time PGDM course in Business Analytics but also offers certification courses in collaboration with IBM to working professionals. Through such initiatives, LLOYD BUSINESS SCHOOL bridges the skill gap between the talent supplied by academia & demanded by the industries.