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Data Analytics Certifications

21,December 2019

In this fast paced world, one of the key busies driven approaches are data recording and making sense of data. One of the key aspects of decision making is correct and timely information. We at Business Analytics understand this and provide current news and trends of the global financial and economical world which we can access only through fin retuning data points. Consumers have been receiving a lot of attention through a multitude of means, but traders have almost always been relying on direct business to business communications. This leaves them vulnerable to exposure at the very early stage. Business Analytics is a combination of Data Analytics Programme, Business Intelligence and Computer Programming. That combines the three to create an understanding of business .It is the science of analyzing data such that business can take decisions. We need to analyze patterns in the system so that insights can be drawn in to the data. Thus business analytics is going to go big ways in defining the businesses of tomorrow. There are many programs in Analytics that are available. The only program globally that gives you an in-depth understanding of business analysis are Management programs recently launched by many PGDM colleges offering dual specialization in Business Analytics. Many IT giants like IBM are supporting colleges to bring this course to the students in management studies. Other than this there are many online courses on Jigsaw and Udemy that are available which is 24*7, easy accessible and very good resource. You can plan to choose full time, part-time or an online course along wth your current educational courses.

When you are finding the certifications following parameters can be looked I to:

  • Begin with the orientation module that shows what to expect from this curriculum.
  • Understand the impacts of the course on your current
  • Always uuse a blended schedule of learning
  • Sessions with simulation and lab experience are must.
  • Look into how the concepts can be used to solve real-life problems.
  • Enough courseware is shared
  • Many exercises are required for practice.

There are other many courses which Attest your knowledge with a certificate endorsed by SAP. Get prepped for the entry level IIBA exam, ECBA, and get assigned 35 IIBA PDUs.In analytics per se there are major three certifications that are currently on high demand :

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics.

Lets discuss what each of these are all about.

Descriptive Analytics:

This branch of Business Analytics deals with handling the visualization using tools and techniques. Descriptive analysis or statistics performs the function of “Describing” or summarizing raw data to make it easily understandable and interpretable by humans.

Predictive Analytics:

This branch of Business Analytics uses analytics kills for predicting data. It uses forecasting techniques and statistical models to find and resolve business decisions.

Prescriptive Analytics:

This branch of Analytics, makes use of optimization and simulation algorithms such that businesses can be provided solutions.

There are number of tools and techniques you could use to certify in above areas . These courses are available online and in Management courses which you can apply.When applying you should very seriously consider the USP of the course which should add value to the skill set of the trainees. The approach, trainer, lab experiences make all the difference. Workng on live data bases would create better understading n to this area of expertise.

Another area of high certifications and value driven are in Machine Larning and Artifiial intelligence. Wharton School is one such great offering in Analytics providing courses online. Coursera is another online academy which is very good for certifications in Business Intelligence. By certifying in above areas you could be the leader of change and harness job opportunities in this space . Another IT knowledge partner that is adding business to the Analytics academic domain is IBM. A key aspect of analytics in business is understanding data. To get started in the field of data science, this IBM specialization is all you need to work on the projects available in the industry. The courses offering PGDM with IBM certification . The classes cover a wide range of topics including data visualization, analysis, libraries, and open source tools. There are courses for IBM certification that could enhance student’s skills.

Key USPs-

  • Trainers are certified in analytics
  • Trainers have in depth industry knowledge and assign project work.
  • Labs and hands on become very crucial SME provide that
  • Many Industry examples to quote
  • on the fundamentals with the help of examples.

The myth about prior coding language needed is diluted. You could be an absolute beginner. These courses provide accreditation as well. The Industry trend for this course is rising very strongly.The reasons for the same are

  • Greater need for knowledge in Artificial Intelligence
  • The Rise of Predictive Analytics and Prescriptive analyses in ebusiness decisions.
  • Open Source Solutions – (Smart Apps)
  • Rapidly Growing IoT Networks

Thus with growing need for business in space for analytics , there is a need for analytics experts in all fields who define the new businesses processes . Intelligence with artificial intelligence can built great solutions for companies. For certifications the students could enroll for following programming language: The skills required to become a Business Analytics Professional include:

  • In-depth knowledge of R
  • Python coding
  • MS Excel
  • Mathematics Expertise
  • Business/strategy acumen

The industries are now offering niche course in analytics that are specific to business domains. Understanding the company driven requirements and planning those certifications could also be a good approach. Students need to understand the understanding business acumen and then planning for business analytics would be a better approach o decides certifications. This would equip you directly for jobs and industry standard. Real time analytics is another rea that is gaining importance. Real Time Analytics Intellects enables you to analyze real-time data coming from multiple sources without any time lag, and monitor your operations as they occur. These can be used for developing dashboards , weather forecasting etc. You can view different indicators from your live streaming data and extract valuable insights to make real-time decisions. Another area of specialization could be text analytics which is gaining lot of understanding. NLP and NLU understanding in artificial intelligence could be one driving areas of expertise. Excelling in best business needs a lot of hardwork ad right approach. Business analytics is the right approach however you need to focus and dedicate. Thus try to self engage in as many courses if possible. Happy Learning.


Ms. Neetu Kamra

Assistant Professor,