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MBA Admission 2024- Dates, Application, Entrance Exam

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MBA Admission 2024 Dates, Application, Entrance Exam

21,Oct 2023

Among all the postgraduate degrees in India, the MBA, or Masters of Business Administration, is the one that has gained wide recognition in today’s time due to the countless career possibilities that become available on completing the degree, and the fact that the MBA offers you life chances that will forever stay relevant in the world we live in currently. MBA gives a more detailed education and deeper knowledge about business and management than BBA does, thus raising the scope for getting the best jobs, or the top-tier jobs, at an organization. It is not that just the BBA graduates can apply for MBA Course, rather candidates who have done graduation from any recognised college, no matter which stream they did their graduation in. MBA teaches the students various subjects of management and administration like accounting, human resource management, business ethics and laws, entrepreneurship, supply chain management and a variety of other areas, which has basically any knowledge that is required to function in the business and management world. And since today’s world is mostly run by businessmen and management chains, it is very natural for people to acquaint themselves with skills that can help them in the world. However, for that it is important that the students know what is required from them for getting admission in the top Management colleges in the country, or how they can get the best out of the degree. Moreover, it is important that they know how the college takes admissions—the dates of application, the eligibility criteria, the question pattern, and everything, so that they can prepare for the exams accordingly, and go as close as possible to their targeted college. Thus, this article aims at providing the students with all the necessary pieces of information that can help them take their first steps towards their Dream College or university.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to get into their targeted college or in order to appear for the needed entrance exams, there are few criteria that the students seeking admission to MBA have to fulfil. The criteria have been mentioned below:

  • The students need to have graduated from any college or university that is recognised by the education board of India, which can be from any stream, and with any subject. Basically, it is important that they have studied for 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 years, and have a nationally recognised degree.
  • In graduation, it is important that they have secured a minimum of at least 50% marks.
  • While some institutions take admission on the basis of the merit scored at their graduation level, the best universities and institutions of the country take admission on the basis of MBA entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, etc.

Application and Dates

For appearing in the entrance exams, the students need to keep track of all the top MBA examinations that are conducted in the country, the dates of the release of application forms, and the days the exams are expected to be conducted. To help the students keep track of such information, a table has been provided below:

Exam Name Application Release date Exam date
CAT 2nd week of September, 2024 Last sunday of November, 2024
MAT 1st week of December 2022 (starting) February 2024
CMAT December 26, 2022, February 26,2024
GMAT Not known Not yet known
ATMA 4th week of December 2022 February 25, 28th May, 23rd July
SNAP 4th August 2022-24th November 2022 3rd week of December to 1st week of January
XAT 10th August-11th December,2022 January 8, 2024
NMAT Until 12th October,2022 October 14, 2022
TISSNET First week of February 2024 Third/fourth week of February, 2024

Top 10 MBA colleges in India

Though it is true that the MBA degree received from any university or college carries weight and is accepted by companies all over the country, it is important that the students target getting admitted in the best institutions to secure themselves the best positions in the companies, the best jobs, or the be the best entrepreneurs that one can find around. Given below is the list of the top-rated universities along with the expected fees, so that the students can choose their target college according to their preferences and affordability:

College/Institution Fees
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad INR 10-23 Lakhs
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management INR 20.50 lakhs
Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur INR 35K TO 25.8 lakhs
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi Around 21 lakhs
Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi 1.92 lakhs
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai Around 4.7 lakhs
Amity University, Noida 7.67 lakhs
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad Inr 3863000
Jamia Millia Islamia INR 47K TO 1.2 L
Lovely Professional Institute INR 114000

Scope of doing MBA

On doing an MBA, endless possibilities open up in front of the students, as MBA graduates can find jobs in almost all fields, as every company requires people from the field of management and administration. Mentioned below are the best jobs or the best fields that students can get a job in once they complete their course and get their MBA degree.

  • Finance- the students can get a job in taxation,  tax planning, financial statement analysis, investment management, etc. which requires important skills like analytical skills, analysing reports and getting the best profit under the circumstances.
  • General Management- They aim at maximising the efficiency of the workers and increasing profits, and oversee the various workings of the organisation.
  • IT management- they basically conduct routine evaluations of the security of the internet.
  • Human resource management- They oversee the working of everybody in the organisation, make sure that the relations within are beneficial to the company, and they are responsible for hiring the best people who are suitable for working in the organisation.
  • Logistics and supply chain management jobs- They basically keep track of the logistics and keep updating the company’s inventory. They require skills like the ability to manage the transportation, production, storage and management of products. In accordance with whatever is required in the market.
  • Data analytics- Their main job is to maintain the data on market research, sales numbers, and logistics. They use their knowledge to handle the data in the business. It helps them analyse the entire business process and to predict whatever will be the right decision for the organisation based on the current numbers.
  • Entrepreneurship- For people with an independent mindset, and who want to raise an organisation on their own, MBA graduates have all the skills needed for them to become the best entrepreneurs in town. Though many people without a degree aim at becoming entrepreneurs, people who have studied MBA with proper dedication, master the skills that are required to run an organisation on its own, as they know how the business world works.
  • Event Management- They basically help to conduct, plan and organise the event of the companies.

Top Companies hiring MBA graduates

On completing the course and getting their degrees from the best colleges, the students can get jobs in the best companies that are present in the country today. A few of the companies are given below:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Deloitte
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Tata consultancy
  • Apple
  • JP Morgan
  • Reliance Industrial limited


In this article, all the information that these students will need to get the basic understanding of how to get admitted for an MBA course, along with what the degree holds for them has been given. It is important that on getting admitted the students attend the classes with utmost dedication and give all their hard work, attend the seminars, webinars, and workshops, and meet the various professionals that the institutions generally bring for the betterment of the students and give them a glimpse of the real business world.

Though, initially, it is important for the students to regularly keep checking the websites of the different MBA exams and colleges so that they can be aware if there is any change of dates or venue. They should also check the previous years' question papers, syllabus and the test papers of the exam that they are planning to appear on. It is also important that students visit the websites of their targeted institutions and find out the scorecards of which exams are accepted by those universities. It is possible that one institution can accept the score of more than one entrance exam, and thus the student should give the maximum number of exams, to be on the safe side, as most of these exams test similar skills of the students. If a student manages to secure a seat at any of the top institutions in the country, and complete the degree properly, they can undoubtedly secure themselves with the best jobs in the country, and have all the soft and hard skills mastered, which is required today for everybody to survive in the world that we see today.