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10, January 2022

Getting a Business Degree after the 12th is a classic! It's that one course you can go after irrespective of your background and get a chance to explore diverse career options solely based on your interest and not some forced obligation. Bonus? You still get a very profitable career! And what's better than a multidisciplinary, versatile degree with high paying jobs and strong industry connections! One of the major plus points about BBA is that it opens up a plethora of opportunities based on your interest in different specializations and fields. If someone wants to pursue MBA, BBA is one of the top degrees to go after completing 12th class, and sets the founding ground for all future management courses.

While there are easily more than 20 specializations in BBA, here are some of its popular, timeless, and in-demand specializations that will surely land you your dream job!

Top BBA specialization List in India

1. Business Analytics

This branch of business administration is concerned with analytics, big data, machine learning, knowledge discovery, data science, as well as data mining. This field is currently hot, as this yields businesses a kick into expansion, profit monitoring, and revenue generation through useful internal and external insights. This field is all about leveraging business intelligence to make calculated as well as futuristic decisions.

2. Travel and Tourism Management

This is one specialization where a business degree perfectly aligns with the interests of students who love traveling. Not only do they pursue fun and adventurous job prospects, but they also get to explore global opportunities without compromising on their passion. Flexible work hours coupled with great compensation and fringe benefits, students have a lot of advantages going after this degree. Especially in the current ever-growing and dynamic business industry, going after this course specialization can prove to be a stellar career move.

3. International Business

In this age of globalization and peak advancement, going after a specialization like an international business makes a lot of sense for business aspirants. This degree will give you a chance to conduct business on an international scale, so you get to learn about international trade, taxation, and accounting laws of foreign countries with respect to your own. Some of the benefits of doing a BBA in international business are great payscale, high growth and networking opportunities, a global career avenue, and a chance to travel the world.

4. Computer Application/ Information Technology

This is a trend that is not going anywhere in the future. It is the future. In this specialization, you will learn to develop computer algorithms, applications and programs. Moreover, with a BBA degree in hand, along with computer knowledge, you will also be managing teams of developers. This degree is ideal for those who want to make a career in the IT industry. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and also the highest-paid professionals.

5. Banking and Finance Management

This BBA specialization is for students who have a keen interest in banking, finance, accounting, analytics, and everything related to numbers. This specialization is the core functional branch of any organization since money is an indispensable part of the business. pursuing this career means setting oneself up for a highly advanced and rewarding career in top-ranking companies, both in India as well as abroad.

6. Entrepreneurship and Family Businesses

Why work under someone else when you can start your own company? This specialization equips you to start your own company. The students learn all about establishing a company from the ground up, the laws and compliances one has to follow to do the same. This is ideal for students who want to join and grow their family businesses or want to start their own business.

7. Hospitality and Hotel Management

This industry is one of the rapidly growing industries, especially in a developing country like India. Therefore, this degree is a good specialization to have. This specialization focuses on teaching you everything about the demanding hospitality industry, and its unique customer-oriented business. You can also find work overseas by completing this degree from the right college. Initially, the salary may not be as high, but it will grow with time.

8. Human Resource Management

This is one of the most popular specializations. Human Resource Management is an integral part of the company, and they are the ones who ensure that the company runs smoothly and its employees are happy. HR is all about managing the organizational structure and bridging the gap between employees and management. With this degree, you will get a job in middle management. Your salary will depend on the company and industry you work in, but most HRs earn a good living wage with great benefits and growth opportunities.

9. Marketing Management

Most companies make and sell products, or provide services to be able to sell them. To do this, they need to market them. This is the part where a marketing department steps in. With this degree, you will find an executive-level job in the marketing department. You must have good people skills and sales skills if you want to have a successful career. Marketing executives make a decent living. This is a job that requires you to work on-field as well as off-field. Besides this, marketing executives also have many perks and benefits.

10. Sports Management

This is one of the up and coming specializations that is still new but has the potential to become one of the most important and valuable industries. Students with this degree get to manage sporting events, sports teams, players, products and more. Since this is a fairly new industry, the potential to make an excellent living is great and you can make a lifelong career in it.

11. Business Accounting and Insurance Management

If you have a knack for numbers and calculations, this is the specialization for you. Accounting is one of the most important aspects of running a company, besides finance. Knowing the company’s profits and losses helps them plan, and pay the required taxes to the government. Moreover, many additional accounting courses can further strengthen your resume and lend you ample growth opportunities.

12. Supply Chain and Inventory/ Logistics Management

Another highly popularized course, supply chain management deals with the overall work-in-flow process of the business, that is from the manufacturing/origin stage to the final delivery stage. A career in this field is promising as it creates future-ready professionals who can efficiently deal with complex business processes from planning, production, distribution, as well as analysis. BBA graduates in supply chain and logistics management make great supervisors and earn handsomely.

Getting admission into Bachelors in Business Administration courses in 2022 can turn out to be a powerful move for students looking to carve a career in Management. Various private and public colleges offer admission into full-time BBA courses with single or dual specializations and have the latest course curricula offering significant industry insights. Top Management colleges in Delhi NCR and all over India are doing their best to offer admission to as many students as possible and offer them a chance to grow and excel in their careers. In this article, we have summarized the top 12 BBA specializations in India that you should choose from to get that dream job you're looking for!