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Top PGDM Colleges in Delhi NCR: A Complete Guide

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PGDM in digital marketing course - An overview

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MBA in International Business – A Complete Guide

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Post graduate diploma in supply chain management

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What are the Career Opportunity after PGDM?

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in India is a versatile ...

What an MBA Degree is and what you need to know

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Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

MBA degree has become one of the most desired postgraduate degrees in ...

Post Graduate Diploma in Management— Complete Details

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a management ...

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM)

The corporate landscape has undergone significant change over the ...

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) is an advanced ...

PGDM Online Course: An Overview

Online education has grown in popularity among students who want to further ...

MBA in Business Analytics— Course Details, Admission, and Eligibility

The process of using statistical and computational approaches to extract insights ....

How to become a business analyst - Complete guide

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BBA Full Form – Course Details, What is BBA

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MBA entrance exam 2023- Dates, Preparations

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MBA Admission 2023- Dates, Application, Entrance Exam

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BBA online: Colleges, Syllabus and Scope 2023

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Top career options after BBA: What to do after BBA? (2022 - 2023)

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Top 10 Highest-Paying MBA concentrations

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PGDM in Finance: All about It

PGDM in Finance is a diploma level course for a duration of one to two years....

PGDM Jobs: For fresher, salary, skills, and scope

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BBA Salary in India- A Complete Guide

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MBA salary In India for all Specializations – A Complete guide

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Top Business School (B-School) List in India

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Best Executive MBA for Working Professionals in India

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High Paying Jobs after BBA in India

Many government and private universities around the country offer the B.B.A. (BBA Course Details) as an undergraduate curriculum....


The bachelor's degree in business administration is an undergraduate degree programme that focuses on the foundations of business management....

Why MBA after engineering – all you need to know

The branch of engineering deals with the use of science in designing, experimenting, testing, and manufacturing machines....

What is Dual PGDM Specializations? – All you need to now!

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A Complete Guide – B.Com - Subjects, Fees, College and Career Scope

B.com or bachelor of commerce is a three-year undergraduate course that students can opt for after completing their 12th grade with commerce...

Future Scope of BBA Degree in India – A complete Guide

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Top BBA college list in Delhi NCR – Ranking, fees

Bachelors of Business administration, or what popularly is known as BBA, has now become one of the most popular choices among all the other courses for students to pursue after Class 12...

Entrance exam of BBA – A Complete guide

In a growing economy like ours, businesses present ample opportunities for skilled graduates to excel in their careers. The B.B.A. (Bachelor’s in Business Administration) program, trains students ...

Course guide for Management Students – A Complete Guide

The discipline of Management has soared to such new heights of popularity in the last few years that students are getting inclined to adopt this course for building their careers. This fast-paced...

MBA for Working Professionals – A Complete Guide

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Difference between MBA and PGDM - Which one is better and why?

Every year, thousands of students choose the path of MBA and PGDM for their further studies, for the large variety of career opportunities it has to offer...

BBA Full Form, Course Details, What Is Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Bachelors of business administration (abbreviated as BBA) is an undergraduate degree programme that covers the fundamentals of business management...

How to become a Business analyst – A complete Guide

A Business Analyst is a trained tech professional working in the business domain, who holds expertise in data analysis and uses it to deliver actionable input, based on which future business decisions can be made so it flourishes...

MBA Fees: Government & private MBA College Fees Structure

Master of Business Administration, or what we know as MBA has gained much of its popularity in the past few years, especially in India, because of the wide range of opportunities and possibilities ..

BBA admission: Application Form, Eligibility, Fees

Looking for BBA Course Admission in Delhi NCR? Find all details all you need to know – BBA course Fees, Best Colleges, admission Process and best Colleges...

How to join MBA without CAT ?

“Can I join an MBA without CAT? If yes how and what are the best options” — this deems one of the most popular queries when it comes to pursuing management as a career.

Top BBA course types and Best Specialization in India

Getting a Business Degree after the 12th is a classic! It's that one course you can go after irrespective of your background and get a chance to explore diverse career options solely based on your interest and not some forced obligation.

10, January 2022

All about PGDM Business Analytics Course, Fees, Course Structure, College in Delhi NCR

PGDM Business Analytics is a two-year professional diploma course that consists of a practical, and realistic curriculum,covering all aspects of existing business models, capstone

27, December 2021

All about BBA Course: Full form, Fees, Course Structureand Colleges

One of the most in-demand fields in the world right now, with no scope of its importance going down is management. Earning a BBA degree in the current times can work times can work

23, December 2021

MBA finance: Govt. Colleges, Admission Process, Subjects, Eligibility

Finance is the core element of all working businesses. Whether you’re a business owner, employee, or an individual just starting, the study of finance and its efficient management will only

26, October 2021

Entrance exam for MBA: Check All level Exam Details

MBA is rightfully known to be the most popular and prestigious course, despite being the mainstream. One of the very reasons for its popularity is the job prospects it

26, October 2021

MBA Course: Fees, Course Structure, Syllabus, Colleges

Students from all around India are opting for MBA courses after graduation, as MBA offers an array of possibilities and career options after completion.

26, October 2021

BBA International Business – Syllabus, Course Details, Career, Colleges

BBA in international business is an undergraduate specialization of Bachelors in Business Administration degree that extends to the functioning of business

26, October 2021

MBA Specialization List – Course, Fees

This simple statement has a lot to say about the prospect of a job market available for MBA students in future. Being an already popularised course,

04, October 2021

Human Resource Management Course – All about

Human capital is an asset for all working organisations. The reins of a successful organisation are always in the hands of the people connected to it.

04, October 2021

Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM)Course Details –Eligibility, Syllabus, Career

A postgraduate diploma in management is a two-year full-time course equivalent to an MBA degree, except this course is more professional

28, September 2021

MBA admission 2021 – Eligibility, Registration, Syllabus

Earning a management degree in the current times is an extremely advantageous endeavour, especially when it is considered an

31, Auguest 2021

PGDM admission 2021 – Eligibility, Registration, Syllabus – Lloyd Business School

Earning a management degree in the current times is an extremely advantageous endeavour, especially when it is considered an

19, Auguest 2021

All about Financial Manager – Skill and Qualities

Finance managers are people in charge of supervising the finances of big corporations, institutions, and other entities.

14, Auguest 2021

Top Reasons Why You Should Pursue PGDM Course In 2021

Management in India is considered a reputable and lucrative career option. One of the major reasons for its popularity and demand

13, Auguest 2021

career options after PGDM business analytics 2021

In times of disruptive technological upheaval, data has rightfully become one of the most prominent assets to a business enterprise simply because of its

9, Auguest 2021

List of PGDM specializations In India

A post-graduate diploma in management is usually a two-year regular degree with more than 15 specializations in various disciplines available

6, Auguest 2021

PGDM Supply Chain-an emerging area of specialization

In times of disruptive technological upheaval, data has rightfully become one of the most prominent assets to a business enterprise simply because of its

3, Auguest 2021

Careers Options after MBA in Finance

Finance is an integral part of any organization, industry, or economy. The candidates aspiring to become a finance professional need

1, Auguest 2021

Management and Analytics a perfect combination

There was an article in Times of India which talks about the data scientist earns more than chartered accountants and engineers

30, September 2021

PGDM Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management or HRM is an approach of managing people in an organization keeping a framework of strategic alliance

28, September 2021

Management as a career option

There are two major stages in the life of a student when he finds himself at cross roads of choosing a career option,

25, September 2020

Marketing – The Evergreen Marketing Specialization

Marketing is the operation, collection of organisations, and processes for developing, interacting, distributing, and sharing value-added

20, September 2020

Teaching Online- A Paradigm Shift

It was March 17, 2020 when the government started hinting at a complete lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The longevity of the upcoming event was foreseeable. In response,rigorous brainstorming about

11, November 2020

Home College:The Current Reality

The internet has seize our lives like never before. All the activities which required physical presence earlier, can now be done online just with the assistance of few clicks.COVID-19 has been declared as Pandemic by World

10, November 2020

MBA course in Delhi NCR 2022

Master of Business Administration is a Post-Graduate degree course which comes under the management activities. The duration of the course is 2 years with a total of 4 semesters. The eligibility criteria for the course are minimum 50% score in the bachelor degree from a

8, April 2020

Post Graduate Diploma and Certifications Course

These are the terms which haunt every Graduate in India or anywhere else because it is the time when he has to decide whether he will study a Full-time degree program or the shorter version of the postgraduate diploma or the

04, April 2020

Best HR Certifications course in India

The above quote truly represents the power of innate knowledge that we all posses however converting this inert skill in to competencies require driving the cutting edge of good performance and practice. Behavioral enhancements in HR which were considered

03, April 2020

Difference between PGDM or MBA

Business people are the happiest people in the world. This is what we believe. I don’t know how much truth in it however this is being taught to us that if you have a business (well-established business) you can get every possible thing in the world. It is a saying that

30, March 2020

List of top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR

Master’s in business administration which is also known as MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the most sought after post graduate Programs for the young graduates in India. There’s no Background restriction of entry in this program.

25, March 2020

Career Option after BBA in India

Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) is a popular Professional course among students in the world of management. It includes them to various aspects that form a part of effective business management.

28, December 2019

What is supply chain management and why it is important?

A supply chain starts with the procurement of raw materials from a supplier and concludes with the delivery of the finished product or service to the end consumer. It is a network of individuals, organizations

28, December 2019

Career option after MBA in HR

Masters of Business Administration is an internationally recognized professional degree. It renders the advanced theoretical understanding of business and management aspects. It also furnishes skills through practical

26, December 2019

Careers In Data Analytics

To have a more holistic view at all data professionals such as Data Analysts, Data engineers, Business Intelligence Professionals, and Data Analytics Specialist etc how one role differs from the other a word of caution here by the way

26, December 2019

Placement Tips for MBA students

A good Placement is considered the prize to a student’s academic endeavor and at Lloyd Business School - Top Business School, we quite agree to the premise! LBS boasts of a robust Placement Vertical dedicated to assisting students find the right job at the end of their

26, December 2019

Data Analytics Certifications Course in Delhi NCR

In this fast paced world, one of the key busies driven approaches are data recording and making sense of data. One of the key aspects of decision making is correct and timely information. We at

21, December 2019

career option after mba in marketing

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Marketing plays a very important role in any business organization no matter how big or small an organization is.Without applying marketing strategies it become very difficult for an industry to survive. As such pursuing

21, December 2019

How to Select Top MBA college in Delhi NCR, India

After completing BBA graduation aspirants admire to do MBA from a well-known institute/college due to which an aspirant should be able to cut through the clutter and identity the b-school which suits him/her the best. Basically, from which an aspirant can fulfil the main motive ie.

20, December 2019

Career Opportunities after MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is no simple course, consider it a preparation for one of the most obligated jobs on the planet. Truly, you will deal with the funds of the business and as everybody realizes accounts run an undertaking and you will be

20, December 2019

Masters in supply chain Management

The present era of globalization, invariable technology innovation, alteration in demands, trust in suppliers and cutthroat competition makes imperative for the enterprises and organizations to become more efficient, faster and

18, December 2019

BBA admission 2020 in Delhi NCR, India

Thriving and prosperous career is dependent on the right selection of course post completion of 12th. Conventionally the students opted for medicine, engineering, science and commerce. Today with escalating career opportunities for

17, December 2019

BBA placement | BBA colleges in Delhi NCR

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is currently the most demanded course in India among the youth. The main purpose of this course is to give a broad knowledge of all the functional aspects that are been carried in a company.

13, December 2019

Difference between Data Science and Business Analytics

Data Science has been a trending field of study in recent times, because of the amount of data that we create regularly and the computing power that is available with the advancement in technology. To understand Datalogy in

10, December 2019

Top BBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a very attractive course after completing school in India. As the name suggests, it gives an individual necessary exposure to managing businesses. The course also provides knowledge

05, December 2019

Management course option after 12th in Delhi NCR

BBA is one of the most sought bachelor degree programmes after 12th. It includes complete knowledge of leadership and management. It has been started to provide the ground knowledge for producing the sound management professional.

2, December 2019

Different type of Specializations for PGDM course

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a programme that can be pursued by students after their Bachelors/Graduation. The notable thing about this course is that it doesn’t restrict any candidate with respect to their qualification background,

28, November 2019

HR analytics Booming worldwide

Analytics is a way to derive insights from data and metrics. In India analytics, data science and big data industry is expected to grow 20 billion dollar industry by 2025 (according to AI Magazine, 2018). Skill, knowledge, expertise, technology, digitalization and

25, November 2019

Why LIMT is in Top 10 Management Colleges Delhi NCR

The Lloyd Institute of Management and Technology situated in Greater Noida, has got all the qualities to be recognized as the top 10 management college in Delhi NCR. A college is considered as good or best which values the student and the knowledge.

22, November 2019

Modern Marketing-An Integrative approach of CSR, Ethics & Accountability

In the last decade, the face of Marketing has drastically changed and evolved. The theories, approaches that were relevant in the past have all been deemed obsolete owing to the dynamic changes in the field of Marketing.

18, November 2019

Reinventing marketing with collusion

According to Professor George S. Day, (Professor of Marketing and co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management) Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an organization will have three key features in future:

15, November 2019

A Collaborative approach towards Industry

Corporate readiness has become the centric issue for job prospects and acquisition in today’s time, thereby highlighting the wide gap between the expectations that industry has from management institutes. The gap between number of available

11, November 2019

A detail analysis of traditional marketing

If any organization thought of formulating marketing strategies for any of their product or service a decade ago, the online marketing platforms would have been the last choices they would invest in. The primary choices of marketing would

6, November 2019

Challenges and Expectations in Academia

There are a number of challenges in the face of Industry-Academia integration, the biggest one being the redesign and re-fabrication of institutional operations of management while simultaneously streamlining continuous adaptation to these challenges.

1, November 2019

Importance of implementing modern practices

Rightly so, Education is the single most powerful tool that can change the fate of a nation. The Education system, must, therefore be developed and dynamic enough to incorporate the changes that happen in the environment.

30, October 2019

Grooming Students to enter the World of Corporate

At Lloyd business school, we understand that the first job is not just important in terms of career but is also a kind of launch pad into the future. In addition to the technical and subject matter skills, we coach our students on that extra

24, October 2019

Growth & Scope of Digital Marketing industry in India

India, having more than 600 million Internet users (and growing) has digital transactions of worth 90 million happening currently and is expected to reach One Trillion by 2025. According to International Journal of Advanced Research Foundation,

12, October 2019

How Collaborating with the FinTech Industry

The banking ecosystem is in a state of revolution. New FinTech entrants are coming into the marketplace regularly, while traditional providers are trying to adjust to the realities of digitalization, advanced technology and increasing consumer demands.

10, October 2019

Building capacity of the Management

Perfection in itself is not attainable, however if one chases perfection, the pursuit may lead to capturing excellence. In light of the above statement Training becomes integral and imperative.

02, October 2019

Study IBM certified Business Analytics and Data Science Programme in Greater Noida

In the era of digitalization world learning Business Analytics and Data Science plays an important role in shaping career for a long term. Business Analytics is one of the popular and effective technique for advanced analytics.

27, September 2019

Reinventing the practices of Traditional MBA with Modern ManagementPGDMprogrammes

India has been a hub for imparting education since time immemorial, offering university courses in form of Nalanda, Odantpura, Vikramshila and others. While the traditional infrastructure has been upgraded time and again,

20, September 2019

Understanding HumanResource Management Practicesin Present Scenario of Globalisation

Since 1991, the new economic reform – Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation (LPG) has made a major change to the environment in which business are operated. Globalisation has made the world smaller

16, September 2019

Importance of the Personality development to build up intellectual portfolio

Personality Development is defined as the growth and developmentof the thinking, perception, attitude, nature, mood, behaviour and activities that differentiate among people.

02, September 2019

Win–Win approachofAcademiaIndustry Fraternization

The relationship between academia and industry is mutually inclusive and beneficial. The academia produces graduates who are absorbed by the industry. These graduates are then put through a number of training programs and the industry invests a number of training hours

10, September 2019

Impact of Personality in Financial Risk and Investment

Every individual have different financial goals. It can be short-term goals like saving for overseas holiday or medium-term goals for purchasing a car or long-term goals like planning for retirement. Knowing investing personality and

02, September 2019

Using HR and IT Integration to improve Talent Management

HR being a soft skill domain & IT – a technology processed sector, a few years ago, no one could have thought any link between HR & IT. But with increasing competition & constantly changing environment, companies can no longer rely on hit & trial method for making crucial decisions

18, August 2019

Mutual Funds in India – Issues, Future and Opportunities

A Mutual Fund is a trust that pools the savings of a number of investors who share a common financial goal. The money thus collected is then invested in capital market instruments such as equities, debentures and other securities.

26, August 2019

Leading Data Science Program Certified by IBM

Data Science is a multi-disciplinary subject that uses scientific methods and processes, algorithms and systems to draw knowledge from structured and unstructured data both. Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Business Analyst and Analytics Engineers are demanding jobs

21, August 2019

Is Human Resource a Good Career to pursue

In today’s dynamic world, where technology, products, services & structures are changing rapidly; it is the human resources of an organisation that brings a long term & sustainable competitive advantage to an organisation. The KSA (knowledge, skills & abilities)

16, August 2019

Is Fintech the Future of Financial Industry

FinTech is of burning importance for the financial industry to understand and behold opportunities. The global financial industry is experiencing a transformational phase due to fast-paced technological changes. After the financial fallout of 2008 new technology startups,

12, August 2019

Industry linked post graduate programmes in Management

The dynamics of academics and industry is changing, now faster than ever before.  The mismatch arises in the means by which both these verticals try to cope with this ever widening gap.

02, September 2019

Inculcating Managerial skills through Training

Practice makes Perfect and at Lloyd Business school this is a standard in our quest to excel. Like all talents, leadership is inherent , but to hone it as skill needs time and ample practice

1, August 2019

Time to consider the HR Trends and Transformation

In today’s dynamic environment where the product, process & services needs to be changed constantly to meet the changing need of customers & for responding to the competition in the market. In such scenario, it is the

1, August 2019

Importance of the Business Analytics for developing future projections in corporate

In modern technologies, organizations have increasingly shifted towards to more advanced software solutions to balance workloads, sustain profitability and ensure competitiveness within their respective sectors. There are various options available such as

31, July 2019

Imbibing leadership and Business skills to meet corporate demands

At Lloyd business school (top b schools in india), students are honed to imbibe skills that will enhance their leadership potential and to embrace their personality through personality development programs We work on these young minds , helping

26, July 2019

Buzzing Business Analytics and Data Science Course by Global Leader Firms in the Era of Digitalization

In the era of digitalization, most of the organizations demand Business Analytics and Data Science professionals in dealing with Big Data. In other words, we can say that Business Analysts, Data Scientists and Data Engineers

19, July 2019

Significance of the Digital Marketing in the PGDM Programmes

The pace at which organizations are operating nowadays is phenomenal. The advancement in technology and the creative freedom has led to a paradigm shift. Such transformations have resulted to an increased

02, September 2019

Career option after MBA in HR

In today’s dynamic world, where technology, products, services & structures are changing rapidly; it is the human resources of an organisation that brings a long term & sustainable competitive advantage to an organisation.

28, June 2019

BBA Subjects for 1st Year

One of the most difficult decisions students have to make is the selection of best BBA College in India after completing school. They have to consider various factors while selecting the top BBA College in India or top BBA College in Delhi NCR.

07, July 2019


MBA is the most sought career after graduation by most of the youth of our country due to its knowledge-centric curriculum and excellent career opportunities. Career opportunities in MBA is one of the most aspired for Post Graduate qualifications in India.

19, June 2019

BBA Placements in India

BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) is one of the most sought bachelors degree programme after 12th. It is a three-year bachelors degree programme for those who are interested in management studies. During the study period of business

11, June 2019

How To Select Top Management Institute In India

After completing the graduation in any stream next question comes in mind to have post graduate degree. But again the mind starts thinking in which field post graduation is to be done. And among many courses available Management Degree is at the top of the list.

03, June 2019

Is it compulsive to do MBA after BBA?

Choosing what to do after MBA is very complex matter. Setting goals and accomplishing it requires almost all the efforts of the person. The goals with accomplishing are achieved with the sense of direction and clarified vision.

30, May 2019

Career Options after MBA in Finance

MBA in finance has a lot of scope in India as well as on a global platform. It has huge variety of roles to offer with some of the most prestigious companies of the world like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch (Investment Banks),

24, May 2019

How to apply for MBA without coaching?

MBA is gaining popularity amongst students from vivid streams with each passing day. It has become one of the most sought after courses that students are investing their time in. After graduation, pursuing an

15, May 2019

Best Subjects For MBA

The best The appeal of the whole information technology arena is that it is designed to make people and organizations more knowledgeable, efficient, and/or profitable. The scope of technology that an organization can

06, May 2019

Which MBA Course Is Best

As an MBA aspirant choosing one among a plethora of MBA courses is the toughest decision. The confusion is often enhanced by considerations of the scope of jobs in a particular domain, growth ladder and packages among many.

02, May 2019

Career Options After Mba In Marketing

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA)is a 2-Year full time Programme, which includes multiple specializations that a student can choose from. The subjects range from general management to specific areas of expertise.

29, April 2019

Placement Tips For MBA Students

Nowadays, for a better and bright career prospects most of the students are opting management course. Students looking to pursue their career in management are advised to opt right from graduation level. There are many private and government

17, April 2019

Tactics and Practices to deal with corporate

Managing your career is important, especially in the day and age when One Job for Life is a thing of the past. At Lloyd Business School (Best PGDM College, our management students are coached on new age diktats, which helps the transition from school tocorporate life easier.

04, April 2019

Industrial Visits

Industrial visit plays an important role in shaping a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum and objectives of industrial

03, April 2019

Industrial Visit To Parle G

In 1929 a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in 1929. Parle G was first factory set up with just 12 people manufacturing confectionery

02, April 2019

Poster Making Competiton

As a part of CSR initiative, Lloyd Business School recently organized a POSTER MAKING Competition for the Students and faculties on “EXISTING SOCIAL ISSUES IN INDIA.”

01, April 2019